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  • Historical roots of CBT 

*Stoic Philosophy as a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy 

  Philosophy Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy II by D. Robertson 2020  

  • Evidence-based CBT research: and  .  
Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy Journal
Behaviour Therapy Journal
Behaviour Research and Therapy Journal
Cognitive Therapy and Research Journal
CBT Today
International Journal of Cognitive Therapy>therapy>lesson>evi>articles>P>patients-and-families>record>doi>pdf  

  • CBT and the Therapeutic Relationship

The Therapeutic Relationship in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, by Judith S. Beck 

Kazantizis N., Dattilio F. and Dobson K.S. The Therapeutic Relationship in CBT: A Clinician’s Guide. The Guilford Press (2017).  

  • Early childhood influences on Schemas  

Schemas, Assumptions, and Beliefs, Oh My!  

Treating Family of Origin Problems : A Cognitive Approach. Bedrosian R. & Bozicas G. (1994) 

CBT for Personality Disorders – The Clinical Practice of Cognitive Therapy Facebook page 

Case Formulation for Personality Disorders – Kramer U. (2019)

CBT for Personality Disorders – Van Bilsen H. & Thomson B. 

CBT of DSM-5 Personality Disorders – Sperry L. & Sperry J. 

Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders III – Beck A., Davis D. & Freeman A. 

CBT Workbook for Personality Disorders, 8 core skills – Wood J. (2010) 

Schema Therapy, a practitioners guide – Young J. (2006) 

Cognitive Therapy for PD, a guide for clinicians – Davidson K. (2007) 

  • Reading list and training suggestions 

For Cognitive Therapy/CBT Professional Resources 

  •  COVID-19 Articles 

The Crisis Kit (ACT) – Marriage and Through a Child’s Eyes  

The Zen Warrior Meets the Pandemic by Robert L. Leahy – Psychology Today

Depressive Thinking During the Coronavirus by Robert L. Leahy – Psychology Today 

Self Help Guide: Managing Fear and Sadness during a Pandemic Donald Meichenbaum CBT for Front-Line Medical Professionals 

  • Facebook Links

Response to psycho-politics of evidence-based practice and  

Let’s talk about CBT BABP 

CBT – What are beliefs?

What is CBT? The Mental Health Company

Think CBT  

Back from the edge BPD YouTube 

Schemas, Assumptions and Beliefs, Oh My! 

CBT and REBT From confusion to clarity 

Dialogical Cognitive Therapy 

Learn how to stop PTSD nightmares – Justin Havens YouTube 

How can exercise help prevent depression – even for those at high risk? health 24

This is why CBT works – Psychology’s Power Tools Prof David Sbarra

The feelings circle 

Largest-ever study on genetics of anxiety points to new treatments 

How to work with unmotivated clients Beck Institute for CBT YouTube 

25 CBT Techniques and worksheets for CBT 

A brief introduction to CBT 

How do I get certified in CBT? (and should I?) The clinical Practice of Cognitive Therapy Facebook page 

Christine Padesky’s YouTube channel 

The recovery-orientated Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) 

CBT-I Good Sleep YouTube 

Alternative transdiagnostic protocols (besides UP and T-GCBT) 

CBT for Youth with Depression Beck Institute 

How to become a highly effective therapist YouTube 

  • Suggested Facebook Groups 

ABCT Cognitive Therapy Interest Group

ACT Made Simple 


Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy (IACP) 


International Society of Schema Therapy 

SA DBT Institute 

Institute for Mindfulness South Africa

  •  Podcasts 

Scott Barry Kaufman

Psychologists off the clock

Think Act Be with Seth Gillihan

Clapp with Jane Clapp

Other People’s Problems


Tara Brach

Broken Brain

Awareness Explorers

The Science of Happiness

The Recovery Show

Codependency no More

ACT taking people to hurt to hope 

The Mindful Life with Waylon Lewis

The OCD Stories


The One You Feed 

Back from broken


Unlocking Us 

Making Positive Psychology Work

Checkin In with Susan David

10% Happier

CRP Unplugged

The Psychology Podcast

Therapy Chat

Intelligence for Life

Shrink Rap Radio

The Theory of Change

Two Shrinks Pod

Psych Central Podcast with Gabe

Better Thinking with Nesh

Beyond well

Making Sense

Therapists Uncensored 

On Being 

Greater Good 

The Adult Chair

People Soup

Stuck not broken 

Phoenix Rising with Gallagher Psychology 

Relationship Alive 

Therapy for Monsters 

The Place we find ourselves 

The Betrayed

The Addicted

The Expert 

Shame, Ehaling and Transformation with Tara Brach 

The Trauma Therapist with Guy Macpherson 

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