Prof. Anita Padmanabhanunni, PhD (UWC)

Prof. Anita Padmanabhanunni, PhD (UWC)

Suite 2019 Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Alexandra Road, Pinelands, Cape Town 7535, South Africa

Counselling Psychologist
General info
Name : Prof. Anita Padmanabhanunni
HPCSA reg : PS0113247
Pr No : 412260
Special Interests : Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders, Anxiety Disorders
Area: Psychology Department, University of Western Cape, Bellville, Cape Town
          Practice Address: Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Suite 2019, Alexandra Road,
          Pinelands, Cape Town
Language : English
Preferred Age groups : Adolescents, Adults and Seniors
Modality : Individuals
Training Provided : CBT and Schema-Focused Therapy To MA Clinical Psychology Students at the University of Cape Town.




Department of Psychology
University of the Western Cape
Tel: 021 959 2842

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