Upcoming International Events

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Association for Contextual  Behavioral Science World Conference 2022 (ACBS)



International Society of Schema Therapy Conference (ISST)


British Association For Behavioural & Cognitive Therapies (BABCP)

 London 20-23 July 2022


European Association For Behavioural & Cognitive Therapies (EABCT)

Barcelona Sept 2022



Educational Program

Cleveland, Ohio

Beck Institute Workshops

Online and Philadelphia Workshops

World Congress of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies

(WCCBT) Seoul 1-4 June 2023


International Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (IACBT)  

 St Petersburg (Russia) June 26-29 2024 

 Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre  

Workshops Oxford

Australian Association For Cognitive And Behaviour Therapy  

 Date To be announced

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